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This is the part of our website exclusively for trade customers, we make online ordering easy.

You can also download images, instructions, videos, features, barcodes and battery information for each of our products.

Each year we will send you our latest pricelists and details of new products when they are introduced into the range, but you can still email us directly at info@astopwatch.co.uk or call on +44 (0)7483 134796 if you need to speak to someone.

Why AST Fastime wholesale stopwatches?

AST have been providing wholesale stopwatches for over 30 years. Our history is directly linked with the development of the first digital stopwatches back in the 70’s, so our knowledge and experience is vast.

This has led to the development of our Fastime range of stopwatches which represents a balanced mix of watches; sporting common and specialist stopwatch functions.

Our core business is supplying trade customers with the very best stopwatches. Our customers are based in over 35 different countries and we know we can help if you’re looking for wholesale stopwatches.

  • Established for over 30 years supplying trade customers worldwide in over 35 countries.
  • A broad range of stopwatch products suiting beginners to expert timing applications.
  • An intuitive online trade customer login allowing you to easily order in bulk online to your agreed terms.
  • Product resources such as descriptions, instructions, videos, barcodes, etc, all available in an online trade login.
  • Regular trade promotions and special offers for our suppliers.


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