Ice Hockey Stopwatches

Fastime 11 Ice Hockey Stopwatch

Fastime 11

Large display stopwatch with countdown includes wriststrap, lanyard and board holder.


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Fastime 23

Fastime 23 Split Time

Professional use stopwatch with cumulative or lap split stopwatch and battery hatch.


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Fastime 24

Fastime 24 Single Event

Professional use single event stopwatch with time out and rear battery hatch.


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About our Range of Ice Hockey Stopwatches

Our range of Ice Hockey stopwatches are perfect for timing matches, training sessions, drills or refereeing. Our stopwatches include great features to make all of these easy to time, including split/cumulative timing, count down and up, large, easily readable displays and more.

The Fastime 24 is great for Ice Hockey, coming with time up settings and START, STOP, (TIME OUT) RESUME or RESET functions. Perfect for single event timing and coaching and is suitable for professional use.

Our bestselling ice hockey watches include the Fastime RW3, which has user selectable functions, large, clear digits with matrix display data and a speed/distance time calculator.

For timing off the ice the Fastime 23 Stopwatch has a basic event timing stopwatch with time out function.

Other bestselling ice hockey stopwatches include the Fastime 3 and Fastime 4 stopwatches, both single display - the Fastime 3 is an event stopwatch with a time out function and the Fastime 4 has a split time function. 

You might also be interested in our refeering stopwatches - take a look here.

If you want any other information on our ice hockey stopwatches, just give us a call on 07483 134 796 or email and we will advise you on the best choice of watch for your needs.

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Also Suitable as Ice Hockey Stopwatches

Fastime 3

Fastime 3 Event Stopwatch

Professional quality single event stopwatch with time out. Large display.


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Fastime 4

Fastime 4 Split Time

Professional cumulative or lap split time stopwatch. Shock / water resistant.


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Fastime Copilote Watch GM

Fastime Copilote Gunmetal

Gunmetal bezel RW3.


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