Fastime Copilote Rallywatch


The Fastime Copilote Rally Watch was used by the winning codriver on every round of the 2019 WRC Championship. Congratulations and thanks! With a special congratulations to Julien Ingrassia (World Champion again for the 6th time). Julien had a special limited edition version of the watch made for each of his six world championships. Daniel Elena used our Fastime Copilote watch on each of his amazing 9 world championship wins. 

In fact the Fastime Copilote Rallywatch has been on the podium of nearly every WRC,ERC, Dakar and many other events around the world since it was first launched back in 2002. Congratulations also to all winning Fastime copilote watch users around the world.

The Fastime Copilote watch was designed by us with the input from several WRC co-drivers back in the early 2000's. Since then the watch has undergone three upgrades. 

You can download worksheets for top Co-drivers tips on how to use the watch.

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The Fastime Copilote Rally Watch has been used by every 21st Century WRC World Champion Codriver. See the range of Limited Edition World Champion Copilote watches.

You can see the various screen layouts available for you to select to make your customised watch.

This unique watch, which Freezes the time of day, and also shows the time of day and chronograph simultaneously, has been designed with many functions dedicated to rally use, while remaining very easy to use - even in the heat of competition.

Features include:

  • User selectable functions. Choose from 10 modes, select to display only those you want to use. No more scrolling through unwanted functions.
  • Large, clear digits. With matrix data display.
  • Choice of pre start options and timer functions.
  • Timer display with time of day and target time.
  • Memory recall has a “stage 0” for entering time penalties.
  • Store upto 100 stage times in memory
  • Dual time of day function
  • Prolonged back light option.
  • Speed, distance time calculator – enter any two variables to calculate the third.
  • Independent 99 memory stopwatch.
  • Battery door for easy battery changing.
  • Water resistant to 5atm.
  • NEW - Silicon strap for a better fit

You can download the instructions

You can view the key watch dimensions

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