Fastime Copilote Rallywatch Instructions

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Copilote Worksheets

Download the Codrivers worksheets which covers the initial settings of the watch and how you can personalise it to your individual requirements.

Changing the Battery

Changing the Rallywatch BatteryThe battery is easy to change by usncrewing the door on the rear of the watch. The battery will flip out.

When you insert the new battery you must ensure that it slots under the brass tab so that their is a connection on the top of the battery.

Replace the battery door, the watch will reset with a prolonged beep sound.

Note: data in the flight log will not be lost during this process.

Heres a tip from Christian Edstrom:

"I read the worksheet on the website - and I do have one little tip to add.

In the manual, it refers to the difficulty of using the watch for national events where a road section immediately follows an SS, and the start time of the road section is not known/is the ss finish time.

My solution has been the following: set that timer to one minute less than the road section time, and utilize the next minute start option.

Then press the start button as you cross the finish line, same as you would the stop button on the SS-timing watch. This will then count down to 0 and begin the timer. This requires two watches (of course), one for handling ss duties and one for road section duties, but everyone who's bought a watch from me bought two... There is also a very small risk that you might finish the SS right at the top of a minute and accidentally be off by one minute, but a quick bit of math against the timecard can verify that. I've been doing this since august of last year and haven't had that issue yet.

A rare occurrence, perhaps, but there you have a potential solution.

Cheers, gents - love the watch!" - Christian