Karting Stopwatches

Fastime 500DM2

Fastime 500DM2 Decimal Minute

500 lap segmented memory, countdown timer, pacer, time of day.


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Fastime RS-808 - Red

SALE: Fastime RS-808 Red

Economy stopwatch in black with cumulative split time, time of day and alarm.


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Fastime 4

Fastime 4 Split Time

Professional cumulative or lap split time stopwatch. Shock / water resistant.


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About our Range of Karting Stopwatches

For serious kart racing timing we recommend the Fastime 500DM2. This is our most popular stopwatch for circuit racing because it has an easy-to-use one button data-capture function. The triple display stopwatch shows the current lap running time, the previous lap time and the cumulative lap time.

The Fastime 9x data download stopwatch is great value. You can download up to 600 split times to your phone, sort, analyse and print data.

If you want to store a series of races, or practice times and race times, then the Fastime 14X stopwatch will do this by saving groups of split times (races) as individual segments.

Alternatively, if you just want to take lap or split times without storing them in memory we recommend the Fastime 4 stopwatch. You can switch between split time and lap time during timing so you can take split times within a lap as well as the lap time.

If you want a basic stopwatch have a look at the Fastime 01 entry level stopwatch available in black, red, yellow and blue, or the Fastime 1 stopwatch. Both have the same functions but the Fastime 1 stopwatch is more robust and has a bigger display.

For endurance karting consider attaching the Fastime 11 karting stopwatch to your steering wheel. 

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Also Suitable as Karting Stopwatches

Fastime 11 Karting Stopwatch

Fastime 11

Large display stopwatch with countdown includes wriststrap, lanyard and board holder.


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Fastime 01 Stopwatch for Karting - Black

Fastime 01 - Black

Economy stopwatch in black with cumulative split time, time of day and alarm.


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Fastime 1 Karting Stopwatch

Fastime 1

Cumulative split time yellow stopwatch with time of day and alarm. Large (12.4mm) digits.


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Fastime 9X

Fastime 9X 600 Lap Memory

Professional level stopwatch with 600 lap memory, stroke rate, time of day, Bluetooth connect to your phone via app, countdown, pacer, clock & alarm.


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Fastime 14X

Fastime 14X 500 Lap Memory

Includes dual timer, pacer.


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Karting Stopwatch Reviews

Fastime 10 Stopwatch Reviews

Excellent service & product exactly as described, absolutely delighted.
5/ 5stars

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

Very good !! Wonderful product !
4.5/ 5stars

Fastime 14X Stopwatch Reviews

Excelent product. I’m using it to time my son’s practice.
5/ 5stars

Fastime 10 Stopwatch Reviews

Very happy with stopwatch, has all features I needed. Easy to use. Arrived in New Zealand in 5 working days. You can buy with confidence from this company. Highly recommend.
5/ 5stars

Fastime 10 Stopwatch Reviews

I am part of my sons pit crew which does fun racing in the US. We needed a simple stopwatch that would record up to 50 laps and show the fastest lap or just record how long we are in the pit. The Fasttime 10 stopwatch does an outstanding job. Would definitely buy again and Would Recommend to others.

5/ 5stars