Countdown Stopwatches

Repeating Countdown Timer Stopwatch - Fastime 20

Fastime 20 10 Lap Memory

Dual display 10 lap memory stopwatch with repeating countdown timer and pacer


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 6 reviewers
Fastime 29 Countdown Stopwatch

Fastime 29 30 Lap Memory

Professional 30 lap memory stopwatch with rugged water resistant case.


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 2 reviewers
Countdown Timer Stopwatch - Fastime 11

Fastime 11

Large display stopwatch with countdown includes wriststrap, lanyard and board holder.


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 36 reviewers

About our Range of Countdown Stopwatches

This is our range of countdown timer stopwatches.

The main types of countdown funtion are:

Stopwatches with countdown/up timer, which counts down to zero and then counts up.

Stopwatches with a repeating countdown timer. The timer counts down to zero from a preset time and then starts counting down again from the same preset time.

Stopwatches with multiple timers. The stopwatch has more than one timer which can be started independently.

Stopwatches with linked timers. The stopwatch has a bank of timers (6) which had be linked to each other to create a series of single countdowns or linked countdowns which start when the previous timer reaches zero - a very versatile function.


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Also Suitable as Countdown Stopwatches

Countdown Timer Stopwatch - Fastime 7

Fastime 7 100 Lap Memory

Speed conversion, repeating countdown timer, pacer, stroke rate.


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 4 reviewers
Repeating Countdown Timer Stopwatch - Fastime 21

Fastime 21 100 Lap Memory

Repeating Countdown timer, pacer, time of day and alarm.


ViewRated 4.5 / 5 by 4 reviewers
Linked Countdown Timer Stopwatch - Copilote Rally Watch RW2

Fastime Copilote Gunmetal

Gunmetal bezel RW3.


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 15 reviewers
Countdown Timer Stopwatch - Fastime 14

Fastime 14X 500 Lap Memory

Includes dual timer, pacer.


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 39 reviewers
Fastime 500DM Countdown Stopwatch

Fastime 500DM2 Decimal Minute

500 lap segmented memory, countdown timer, pacer, time of day.


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 6 reviewers
C5010 Timer Countdown Stopwatch

C5010 Timer

Count down/up timer, Count up (stopwatch), Time of day and alarm. Decimal minute option.


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 5 reviewers

Countdown Stopwatch Reviews

Fastime 14X Stopwatch Reviews

Using the Fastime 14 for netball timing where a count down stopwatch is essential. This is perfect for that use. The customer service was first rate and shipping to Australia was very quick. Thanks
5/ 5stars

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

First time ive used your company, customer service was excellent from the moment I rang to enquire about a suitable item for Equestrian events, a welcome change from other manufacturers who were simply not interested. I have ordered online, which was easy to do & the delivery was very efficient. Thank you, I will order again.

5/ 5stars

Fastime 21 Stopwatch Reviews

Time Keeping at Athletics Meetings.I have used Fastime watches before. They are reliable washes at a good price.

5/ 5stars

Fastime 14X Stopwatch Reviews

I wanted a stopwatch to use for athletics since I am a coach at a club and this one had all the features I wanted and that''s why I give it five stars. The most important I ''d like to highlight is that I can split every lap and view the total time running along with each new lap. I surely recommend this one.

5/ 5stars