Coaching stopwatches

Fastime 4 Coaching Stopwatch

Fastime 4 Split Time

Professional cumulative or lap split time stopwatch. Shock / water resistant.


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Fastime 26 Stopwatch for Coaching

Fastime 26

Stopwatch with 500 lap memory, data download to PC function and rear battery hatch.


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AIM MultiChron for Coaching

AIM MultiChron 100 lap

Times up to four competitors (100 laps each) simultaneously, sorts times into


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About our Range of Coaching stopwatches

Here is our range of coaching stopwatches and watches for coaching team sports such as Polo, Hockey, Football and Rugby. The FASTIME 5 Coaching stopwatch has  a 30 lap memory so you can store cululative and lap split times. It also has a countdown timer function.

You can download upto 500 split times to a Windows based PC using the Fastime 26 data download stopwatch. Sort/Analyse and print data. USB and software CD included. Great value!

If you want to wear a stopwatch on your wrist, then the FASTIME SW6 Coaching watch is ideal, with a large display, stopwatch and countdown timer. For a more sophisticated option have a look at the RW3 Programmable coaching watch originally designed for rally codrivers but has lots of functions suitable for coaching including stopwatch prestart options, a bank of six linkable timers and much more.

For timing up to 4 individuals, the AiM Multichron is ideal. You can collect lots of individual data for each of up to 4 individuals.

If you are coaching in a watersport environment then the Fastime DB2 Coaching stopwatch or the Fastime DB3 Coaching stopwatch are ideal.

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Coaching stopwatches Reviews

Fastime Copilote Watch GM Stopwatch Reviews

Absolutely delighted with the watch!! A lot of useful functions and very easy to use...A quick sell and great communication with the sales dept. so...I can only say that it has been a very great purchase!! Hope to get a lot of success using that watch!
5/ 5stars

Fastime 26 Stopwatch Reviews

A very nice stop watch, simple to use, intuitive, plus we can download the data into our computer.

5/ 5stars