Speed Conversion Stopwatches

Fastime 7 Speed Conversion Stopwatch

Fastime 7 100 Lap Memory

Speed conversion, repeating countdown timer, pacer, stroke rate.


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Fastime 14 Speed Conversion Stopwatch

Fastime 14X 500 Lap Memory

Includes dual timer, pacer.


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Fastime Copilote Watch YBz Speed Conversion Stopwatch

Fastime Copilote Yellow Bezel

Yellow/black RW3.


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About our Range of Speed Conversion Stopwatches

These are the stopwatches in our range which can calculate the speed over a given distance.

Enter the distance to be timed. For example the distance of a racing circuit. Take the split time.

The display will show the time taken to cover the distance and the speed. If the distance entered is miles, the speed will be on miles per hour. If the distance entered is kilometers then the speed will be in kilometers per hour.

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