Educational Stopwatches

Our most popular stopwatch in this sector is the Fastime 01 Basic function stopwatch. available in a black, red, blue, yellow, green and white. Ideal for children to use with large display digits. Used in science, maths and sports activities.
The Fastime 1 Yellow stopwatch has even bigger digits and a more robust case. It is a cumulative split stopwatch in yellow making it easier to find.

For team events we recommend the Fastime 3 Team event stopwatch or the Fastime 24 team event stopwatch. Both have the same function but the Fastime 24 Stopwatch has a rear battery hatch to make changing the battery easy.

For track and field events we recommend the Fastime 5 a triple display 30 lap memory stopwatch or the Fastime 7 a triple display 100 lap memory stopwatch. The fastime 14 is a triple display segmented 500 memory stopwatch. You can store a series of events and recall them at any time.

For swimming we recommend the Fastime 9 Triple display 100 lap memory stopwatch with stroke rate function, The fastime14 (see above) or the Fastime DB3 a triple display 30 lap memory stopwatch .

If you would like to time up to 4 competitors at once have a look at the Multichron stopwatch.

Volume discounts are available. Please contact us.

You can view YouTube video demonstrations of each stopwatch and you can also download instructions.


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15 Reviews
Fastime 9
5 / 5
Fastime 7
5 / 5
Fastime SW3
5 / 5
Fastime SW3
4 / 5
Fastime 16
5 / 5
Fastime 0
5 / 5
Fastime 01 - Red
5 / 5
Fastime 01 - Black
5 / 5
Fastime 24
5 / 5
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Educational Stopwatches

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Educational Stopwatches

Educational Stopwatch - Entry level Fastime 0

Fastime 0 Economy stopwatch

Cumulative split times stopwatch, time


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Educational Stopwatch with extra large display - Fastime 01 - Black

Fastime 01 - Black

Cumulative split times stopwatch with time of


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 6 reviewers
Educational Stopwatch with extra large display - Fastime 01 - Blue

Fastime 01 - Blue

Cumulative split time stopwatch with time of day


ViewRated 4.6 / 5 by 14 reviewers
Educational Stopwatch with extra large display - Fastime 01 - Red

Fastime 01 - Red

Cumulative Split time stopwatch with time of day


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 4 reviewers
Educational Stopwatch with extra large display - Fastime 01 - Yellow

Fastime 01 - Yellow

Cumulative split times stopwatch with time of


ViewRated 4.5 / 5 by 6 reviewers
Educational Stopwatch with extra large display - Fastime 01 - Green

Fastime 01 - Green

Cumulative Split time stopwatch with time out


ViewNot yet rated
Educational Stopwatch with extra large display - Fastime 01 - White

Fastime 01 - White

Cumulative split time stopwatch


ViewNot yet rated
Fastime 01 Stopwatch Pack of 4

Pack of 4 Economy stopwatches

Cumulative split times stopwatch


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 1 reviewer
Fastime 25 Educational Stopwatch

Fastime 25

Cumulative split time stopwatch with time out and rear


ViewRated 4.5 / 5 by 1 reviewer
Educational Stopwatch with compass - Fastime 16

Fastime 16 Stopwatch with

Stopwatch with cumulative split times,


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 7 reviewers
Fastime 24 Stopwatch for Education

Fastime 24 - Single Event

Single event stopwatch with time out.


ViewRated 4.3 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime 28 Educational Stopwatch

Fastime 28

Extra Large Display


ViewNot yet rated
Fastime 26 Stopwatch for Education

Fastime 26

500 segmented memory can be download to a PC ,


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 5 reviewers
Fastime 29 Educational Stopwatch

Fastime 29 - 30 Lap Memory

Professional Stopwatch with rugged


ViewNot yet rated
Fastime 28L Educational Stopwatch

Fastime 28L

Extra Large Display and Bright Backlight


ViewNot yet rated
Fast 28LW Educational Stopwatch

Fast 28LW

Water Resistant to IPX7, Backlight.


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 2 reviewers
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Fastime 9 Stopwatch Reviews

I bought the 09 strictly as a present for a young american boy, whom I expect to become a World Champion in Serbia this summer. The stroke facility will improve his understanding of the changes in his variable pitch mechanism of his model aircraft during each of his six flights. I will then be buying for myself another one of your superbly ergonomic timers. Allan Weighell FSMAE UK Junior Team Manager
5 Allan Weighell on

Fastime 7 Stopwatch Reviews

I am an Athletics Field Event Official and occasionally have to time races for long periods at athletics events. I had a 100-lap fastime stopwatch that suddenly failed to work so I bought a new one, which works fine as I knew it would. I asked if my broken one could be repaired and on hearing the answer "yes", sent it off and got it back a few days later working perfectly. I was not charged for this repair, although I was told there would be a charge, and I am extremely grateful that I can rely on a British company that provides excellent products as well as excellent Customer Service. I recommend Fastime Products to everyone.

Fastime SW3 Stopwatch Reviews

This is primarily a watch I will use for sailing, big display, easy to see and programme for countdown, and waterproof. I also use it to allow me to plan my schedule in an exam hall at the end of timed exams (countdown). Very useful. A simple straightfoward and good value product, delivered very promptly.
5 Ranjit Verghese on

Fastime SW3 Stopwatch Reviews

The watch was used in the ’Speed of Light’ Edinburgh International Festival show. I was a run leader, running at night, leading a team of 15 runners along the paths on Arthurs Seat, dressed in light suits (yes light suits), making shapes and patterns to a timed choreography. Important the watch face was large and easily read while running in the dark to ensure timings were met. Velcro type strap great for ease of taking on and off and putting over suit.The show lasts for the month of August 2012.
4 Douglas McCormack on

Fastime 16 Stopwatch Reviews

I help out at my local football team with match reports and needed a stopwatch that was compact and easy to use. The Fastime 16 - Yellow/Black fits the bill, it is easy to use and for the type of timing I need is just perfect. On top of this the price is very reasonable for a very attractive and sturdy stopwatch.
5 Paul Fryer on

Fastime 0 Stopwatch Reviews

i wanted a simple clear and easy to operate stopwatch and this one fits the bill perfectly. very happy with the product and the super fast delivery. i would recommend this without hesitation
5 jeff aston on

Fastime 01 - Red Stopwatch Reviews

I wanted my stopwatch to record accurately the amount of time I spend doing my job as I work from home and found it difficult to keep home and work separate. The stopwatch has worked a treat and has enabled me to accurately record the time I spend on calls for work. Thanks
5 Jeanette Griffiths on

Fastime 01 - Black Stopwatch Reviews

We use this stopwatch as a means of timing a reading speed test, for children with dyslexia. Good quality stopwatch; always fast delivery. Good prices Thank you
5 Debbie Morse on

Fastime 24 Stopwatch Reviews

excellent value and stops/starts with simple button sequence, unlike some "better" watches
5 Stephen Rowden on

Fastime 26 Stopwatch Reviews

Very good :) It’s all you need to take very times and lap’s and it’s easy to upload that data to computer...
5 Amaro Teixeira on