Time Out Stopwatches

Fastime 24 Time Out Stopwatch

Fastime 24 Single Event

Professional use single event stopwatch with time out and rear battery hatch.


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Time Out Stopwatch - Fastime 3

Fastime 3 Event Stopwatch

Professional quality single event stopwatch with time out. Large display.


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Time Out Stopwatch - Fastime 28

Fastime 28

Professional quality single display stopwatch with extra large display


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About our Range of Time Out Stopwatches

All of the stopwatches in our range include a time out function. This is our selection of stopwatches whose only feature is a "time out" function. Mostly used in team sport. it enables the stopwatch to be stopped without being reset. The stopwatch can be restarted at the appropriate time and continues counting. Most of the stopwatches in our range include this function.

An example of this is a team sport which runs for (say) 45 minutes. But "time out" occurs if the game is stopped temporarily for whatever reason and then restarted. So although the game may have lasted for more that 45 minutes there would only be 45 minutes of recorded activity. 

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Time Out Stopwatch Reviews

Fastime 24 Stopwatch Reviews

excellent value and stops/starts with simple button sequence, unlike some "better" watches
5/ 5stars

Fastime 24 Stopwatch Reviews

This stopwatch is perfect for timing TREC MA corridor. (TREC is an equestrian sport). All we need is a start time and a finish time and this watch is ideal for our volunteers to use, having no extra buttons to cause confusion. It has a nice sturdy feel too. Highly recommended.

3/ 5stars

Fastime 28L Stopwatch Reviews

I do most of my exercise in the early morning or at night and need backlight to see the times.Great stopwatch great service!!

5/ 5stars