Walking Stopwatches

We have a range of products for outdoor pursuits.

If you want a stopwatch which you can clip onto your backpack and need a compass and temperature measure combined, have a look at the Fastime 16 stopwatch with carabinier clip

 The SW3 digital wristwatch has a stopwatch and countdown function. With extra large display, rugged case and velcro strap.



4.67 / 5
3 Reviews
Fastime SW3
4 / 5
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Walking Stopwatches

Fastime 16 Walking Stopwatch

Fastime 16 Stopwatch with

Stopwatch with cumulative split times,


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 7 reviewers
Fastime 1 Stopwatch for Walking

Fastime 1

Cumulative split time stopwatch with time of day and


ViewRated 4.7 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime SW3 Stopwatch for Walking

Digital Sports Wristwatch SW3

Stopwatch, countdown, time of day,


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 32 reviewers
Fastime 20 Stopwatch for Walking

Fastime 20 10 lap memory

Repeating countdown timer, Pacer


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 6 reviewers


Fastime SW3 Stopwatch Reviews

The watch was used in the ’Speed of Light’ Edinburgh International Festival show. I was a run leader, running at night, leading a team of 15 runners along the paths on Arthurs Seat, dressed in light suits (yes light suits), making shapes and patterns to a timed choreography. Important the watch face was large and easily read while running in the dark to ensure timings were met. Velcro type strap great for ease of taking on and off and putting over suit.The show lasts for the month of August 2012.
4 Douglas McCormack on