Fastime 24 Stopwatch for Basketball

The Fastime 24 stopwatch is one of our mid-level stopwatches. It comes with all the features of our entry level stopwatches, but has been designed to be able to withstand a bit more punishment.

The rugged case is both shock and water resistant, and comes with a 1 year warranty. This makes it ideal for use by referees in sports games, where you need the watch to withstand constant movement and the occasional knock.

The clear and easy to read display is able to time up to 23hr 59m 59sec. It times to 100/th second for first 9hr 59min 59sec, then at 1 second intervals from then onwards. 

Fastime 24 Stopwatch for Basketball Features




Length: 80mm, Width: 65mm Depth: 25mm, Digits: 9mm


Single event stopwatch with time out.


Function Option Description
Display Single

Single Display:
Displays the current time

Dual Display:
Displays the cumulative time and the current lap time

Triple display Cumulative:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split time and the cumulative running time

Triple display lap:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split (lap) time and the current lap running time

Time Out Single Start - Stop (time out) - restart or reset

Fastime 24 Stopwatch for Basketball Reviews

The Fastime 24 has 3 review(s) with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5

great product
Patrick Clifford (10th September 2015)

This stopwatch is perfect for timing TREC MA corridor. (TREC is an equestrian sport). All we need is a start time and a finish time and this watch is ideal for our volunteers to use, having no extra buttons to cause confusion. It has a nice sturdy feel too. Highly recommended.

Diana O'Huid (5th August 2015)
excellent value and stops/starts with simple button sequence, unlike some "better" watches
Stephen Rowden (9th April 2015)

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