Fastime Copilote Watch YBz Speed Conversion Stopwatch

In 2002, we began working with rally co-drivers to develop a watch tailored to their specific needs. Now, twenty years on, the Fastime Copilote RW3 watch is used by all WRC teams, IRC international and national co-drivers in over 40 countries. 

With 10 different modes, the RW3 is customisable, so you can make the watch your own. This also means it is suitable for more sports than just rallying, with additional specific aviation features and more. 

You can download worksheets giving you top co-drivers tips on how to use the watch and you can see the various screen layouts available for you make your customised watch.

Features include:

  • User selectable functions. Choose from 10 modes, select to display only those you want to use. No more scrolling through unwanted functions.
  • Large, clear digits. With brighter matrix data display.
  • Choice of pre-start options and timer functions.
  • Timer display with time of day and target time.
  • Memory recall has a “stage 0” for entering time penalties.
  • NEW - Dual Time option.
  • NEW - Store up to 100 stage times in memory.
  • Prolonged back light option.
  • Speed, distance time calculator – enter any two variables to calculate the third.
  • Independent 99 memory stopwatch.
  • Battery door for easy battery changing.
  • Water resistant to 5atm.*
  • NEW - Silicone strap for a better fit.

Click the following links to download the relevent guide:

RW3 Screen layouts you can select/deselect
Top Co-drivers tips on how to use the watch
Instructions Guide (English)
Instructions (French)
Instructions (Spanish)
Instructions (Italian)
Instructions (Japanese)
Instruction Guide (German)
Quick Setup Guide (German)
Codrivers worksheets
One Year Warranty

Each year we work with champion co-drivers to deveop Limited Edition WRC World Champion Co-drivers signature rally watches.

If you can't find the perfect watch then please contact us on +44(0) 7483 134 796 or email and we will advise you on the best choice of watch for your needs. 

*RW3 is water-resistent to 5ATM, meaning it copes with a brief, stationary immersion if not operated. RW3 watches cannot be operated in water, nor left in water for any period , nor moved while in water. 


Fastime Copilote Watch YBz Speed Conversion Stopwatch Features




Length: 58mm, Width: 48mm Depth: 17mm, Digits: 10mm


Function Option Description
Linked Timers A bank of timers linked so that when one timer ends the next timer starts
Memory 99 The number of split times stored in memory
Next Whole Minute Start Press start any time in the previous minute and stopwatch will start on the next whole minute.

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