Fastime 14 Speed Conversion Stopwatch

The Fastime 14 is a 500 lap segmented memory triple display stopwatch.

They key feature of this stopwatch is the enabling of the lap and cumulative split times for each event to be stored in the stopwatche's memory as one segment. The Fastime 14 stopwatch will also store the time of day when each event took place.


Functions of the Fastime 14 Stopwatch

Measures up to 19hrs 59mins 59secs 99/100ths sec. Triple display shows lap counter, cumulative and lap split times to the last split, cumulative and running times.

500 cumulative and split times can be stored in memory as egments with fastest, slowest times identified. Time out (start, stop, resume) function is also included.

Data Recall
The number of free (unused) memories is shown first. For each segment, the segment header display will show:
- The date and time stamp when the segment was started
- The segment number
- The number of laps stored in the segment

When the required segment is selected, press the recall button consecutively to read through all the lap and split times within each segment.

Repeating Countdown/up Timer
Maximum setting 19hr 59min 59sec, display shows TARGET TIME, and COUNTING DOWN TIME. Alarm sounds at the end of each countdown/up.

Pacer Function
The pacer value can be adjusted from 05 to 240 PACES per minute. The display shows the TARGET COUNT PER MINUTE. Use this function to set and measure a required number of actions per minute. Pressing the split button increases the target count per minute.

Speed Mode
Enter a distance over which time is to be measured, for example a racing circuit of 1 mile (or km). The stopwatch will then show the lap time and speed for each lap. Speed is measured in units per hour. Therefore speed = distance x 60.

Stroke Rate
Measures a sample of 3 strokes or actions and returns a frequency or rate per minute. Press the start button to begin measuring the stroke rate. Display counts down from 180. Press again after 3 strokes and the display shows the rate per minute. Ideal for swimming or rowing.

Time of Day Display
Hour, minute, seconds time of day with 12/24 hour option. Year month day date.

Alarm Display
The top display shows the alarm time set. Middle display shows the date and lower display shows the time of day.


Fastime 14 Speed Conversion Stopwatch Features




Length: 70mm, Width: 60mm Depth: 18mm, Digits: 6mm


Repeating down/up timer, pacer, speed conversion, stroke rate, time of day and alarm.


Function Option Description
Cum Split Yes Start - Split (split time from start)
Lap Split Yes Start - Split (split time from last split)
Memory 500 Segments The number of split times stored in memory
Pacer Yes

Set pacer to beep at a given frequency per minute

Pacer timer:
Links to pacer to a stopwatch to give times per frequency

Running Time Cumulative/Lap
Speed Yes Displays the speed in mph/kph for the distance entered
Stroke Rate Yes Returns number of strokes or events per minute on a measure of three strokes or events
Time of day/date Yes Time of day in hours minutes seconds
Time Out Yes Start - Stop (time out) - restart or reset
Timer Yes

Timer Count down:
Counts down to zero from an entered time

Timer Count down/up:
Counts down from an entered time to zero then counts up

Timer Count Down:

Timer Count Down Repeat Counts down from an entered time to zero then repeats the countdown until stopped

Fastime 14 Speed Conversion Stopwatch Reviews

The Fastime 14 has 38 review(s) with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5

I'm a rowing coach and I'm very happy with this Fastime 14, I recommend.

Emanuel Fernandes (20th November 2020)

I wanted a stopwatch to use for athletics since I am a coach at a club and this one had all the features I wanted and that''s why I give it five stars. The most important I ''d like to highlight is that I can split every lap and view the total time running along with each new lap. I surely recommend this one.

Philippos (12th December 2018)

These are the best watches I know of for storing the times for reps and recording many lap times for events in athletics.

Joyce Hogg (5th July 2018)

I use the stopwatch for my PE classes and I am fully satisfied, it is easy to handle, the size of the dispayed information is perfect, it has lots of options for measurements, it is easy to use, and the buttons work perfectly well (I have had issues pressing buttons in other stopwatches). I recommend it.

Alberto (10th December 2017)

I made a mistake purchasing the wrong stopwatch and had to return, Wendy who dealt with my problem was very professional and a credit to the company

Paul Stokes (27th July 2017)

Great Watch, Does everything I need at a great price. Recommended

Nick Kapinakis (2nd June 2017)

the watch is used for time keeping at cycle timetrails

Mr. leonard james samuel (29th May 2017)

Speed of delivery excellent. Great piece of kit.

Terry Eaves (19th March 2017)

measures exactly what''s needed, it is a crucial tool in coaching. Excellent service.

Nemo (5th December 2016)

Time keeping for Cycling Club Weymouth.

Justin Oakley (1st December 2016)

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