Equestrian Stopwatches

For serious Equestrian eventing we recommend the Fastime 11 Equestrian stopwatch because it has a large easy to read display and can be worn on the wrist. 

Have a look at the Fastime 14 stopwatch if you want to store a series of split times in memory as segments. This means you do not have to recall and write down your memory data before starting the next event.

If you need a more basic memory function, then consider a dual display stopwatch such as the Fastime 20 a 10 lap memory stopwatch. Or a triple display stopwatch such as the Fastime 5 a 30 lap memory stopwatch. All our memory stopwatches have similar stopwatch functions but check them out for different additional functions such as the various timer options available.

Alternatively if you just want to take lap or split times without storing them in memory we recommend the fastime 4 stopwatch or the Fastime 23 Stopwatch. They both have the same functions but the Fastime 23 stopwatch has a rear battery hatch making it easy to change the battery.

If you would like to time up to 4 competitors in an event have a look at the Multichron stopwatch.

If you want a basic stopwatch have a look at the Fastime 01 entry level stopwatch or the Fastime 1 Yellow stopwatch. Both have the same functions but the Fastime 1 is more robust and has a bigger display.

If you want a big display wristwatch with stopwatch and countdown timer have a look at the SW6R Sports Wristwatch.

You can watch YouTube videos showing how each stopwatch works. You can also download instructions.

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AIM MultiChron
4.5 / 5
Fastime 11
3.5 / 5
Fastime 11
5 / 5
Fastime 11
5 / 5
Fastime 11
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Fastime 11
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Fastime 11
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Fastime 11
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Fastime 11
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Equestrian Stopwatches

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Equestrian Stopwatches

Fastime 1 - Equestrian Stopwatch with Split Functionality

Fastime 1

Cumulative split time stopwatch with time of day and


ViewRated 4.7 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime 24 Equestrian Event Stopwatch

Fastime 24 - Single Event

Single event stopwatch with time out.


ViewRated 4.3 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime SW3 Stopwatch for Equestrian

Digital Sports Wristwatch SW3

Stopwatch, countdown, time of day,


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 32 reviewers
Fastime 28L Equestrian Stopwatch

Fastime 28L

Extra Large Display and Bright Backlight


ViewNot yet rated
Fastime 4 Equestrian Stopwatch

Fastime 4 split time function

Professional quality cumulative or


ViewRated 4.5 / 5 by 3 reviewers
Fastime 29 Equestrian Stopwatch

Fastime 29 - 30 Lap Memory

Professional Stopwatch with rugged


ViewNot yet rated
Fastime 11 Stopwatch for Equestrian

Fastime 11

Ideal for use where 1/100th second measurement is not


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 26 reviewers
Fastime 26 - 500 Lap Stopwatch for Equestrian

Fastime 26

500 segmented memory can be download to a PC ,


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 5 reviewers
Fastime 7 100 Lap Memory Stopwatch

Fastime 7 100 Lap Memory

Speed conversion, repeating countdown


ViewRated 5 / 5 by 4 reviewers
Equestrian Stopwatch with Segmented Timing - Fastime 14

Fastime 14 500 lap memory

Repeating countdown/up timer, pacer,


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 34 reviewers
AIM Multichron Multi-Display Stopwatch for Equestrian

AIM MultiChron 100 lap

Times up to four competitors (100 laps


ViewRated 4.9 / 5 by 4 reviewers
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AIM MultiChron Stopwatch Reviews

The timer arrived in good time for Xmas - excellent delivery given the time of year , strike problems and the weather. Well pleased with the equipment and the mail delivery.
4.5 James White on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

I found this watch did everything I wanted. Simple to use and very easy to read. It helped me win my 2 day Horse Trial competition as best over 45 year old.
3.5 Barbara Wood on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

I needed this stop watch asap, and astopwatch didnt fail! The item arrived very quickly and i was so pleased with the quality of the watch. I wanted the watch for Horse Eventing, most competitors have the BE eventing watch. I went for astopwatch as the description was just the same as the BE watch and it proved me right!!! The watch is brilliant and never let me down, but most off all it was cheaper! Many Thanks astopwatch.co.uk
5 Beth Dickson on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

EXCELLENT stopwatch, lovely large numbers on the face to see easily while on the move. Also has easy-to-understand instructions for use, with BIG buttons on the watch to press according to need.
5 Fuller on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

Very good !! Wonderful product !
4.5 Leandro Mazzoccato on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

Thank you for the watch it is great and will be very useful eventing - especially the large display
5 SJ on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

Best clock for starting time trials supper display. Nice big and clear numbers
5 John M on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

I bought the stopwatch for eventing my horse as my previous watch kept stopping. So far we have done one event and the watch performed perfectly. It was easy to set, easy to glance at on a galloping horse and easy to stop at the end. I would recommend it to anyone. It was also delivered very fast to Australia ready for use.
5 Elinor E Hannay on

Fastime 11 Stopwatch Reviews

muy bien el producto y el envio
5 oscar on

Fastime 7 Stopwatch Reviews

The 3 watches arrived safely within 48 hours. I needed them to time runners at a Pony Club tetrathlon competition where up to 10 runners were on the course at a time. The split time and recall facility worked as required. The watches did exactly what it said on the tin! Thank you for an excellent service.
5 Nigel Lefroy on