Fastime 4 Circuit Racing Stopwatch


The Fastime 4 professional quality stopwatch has a rugged splash and shock resistant case. This stopwatch times cumulative or lap splits, and has a single easy to read display. The split timing can be switched between cumulative and lap during operation using the MODE button. The stopwatch will also record one/two fast finish times and time out.

The Fastime 4 has LAP/SPLIT RESET button, MODE button, START/STOP button. 


Fastime 4 Circuit Racing Stopwatch Features




Length: 70mm, Width: 60mm Depth: 18mm, Digits: 10mm


Professional quality cumulative or lap split time stopwatch.


Function Option Description
1 - 2 Finish Yes

1 - 2 Finish cumulative

Start - Split (gives time for 1st finisher).
Stop - Split (gives time for 2nd finisher).

1 - 2 Finish Lap:

Start - Split (gives time for 1st finisher).
Stop - Split (gives time lapse between 1st and 2nd finisher).

Beep Silent Audible Alarm
Cum Split Yes Start - Split (split time from start)
Display Single

Single Display:
Displays the current time

Dual Display:
Displays the cumulative time and the current lap time

Triple display Cumulative:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split time and the cumulative running time

Triple display lap:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split (lap) time and the current lap running time

Lap Split Yes Start - Split (split time from last split)
Running Time Cumulative/Lap
Time Out Yes Start - Stop (time out) - restart or reset

Fastime 4 Circuit Racing Stopwatch Reviews

The Fastime 4 has 4 review(s) with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5

Excellent stopwatch with clear display and a good solid feel. The only reason that I did not award five stars is that on one occasion I pressed the Start button while looking away at the subject I was timing, when I looked at the watch I found that it was not running. I tried to repeat the fault and found that the watch would not always start (or stop) when the centre of the Start/Stop button was pressed, and never start (or stop) when the outside corner was pressed. I have rectified the situation by always starting and stopping the watch by using the inside corner of the button (adjacent to the Mode button). Conversely the Reset/Split button will operate wherever it is pressed.

John Stout (25th August 2019)
Good, sensibly priced stopwatch. We use them in our swimming club.
Peter Crouch (14th July 2012)
Have two of these watches which I use for timing track sessions and races, they are perfectly adequate for everyday athletics/running training/racing. Using the lap mode enables you to time an effort and the rest interval using one watch, by pressing the lap button, not the stop button.
P J Stewart (3rd February 2010)
Lap timing Classic Road Racing races.
Birgitte Nielsen (14th June 2015)

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