Motorcycle Racing Stopwatches

Fastime 26 Motorcycle Racing Stopwatch

Fastime 26

Stopwatch with 500 lap memory, data download to PC function and rear battery hatch.


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Fastime 11 Stopwatch for Motorcycle Racing

Fastime 11

Large display stopwatch with countdown includes wriststrap, lanyard and board holder.


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Fastime 10 Motorcycle Racing Stopwatch

Fastime 10 100 lap memory

Motorsport and circuit racing stopwatch with current lap running time, one button data capture


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About our Range of Motorcycle Racing Stopwatches

For serious motorcycle racing timing we recommend the Fastime 10 100 lap memory stopwatch. This is our most popular stopwatch for circuit racing because it has an easy to use one button data capture function. The triple display shows the current lap running time, the previous lap time and the cumulative lap time.

If you want to download data to a Windows based PC the Fastime 26 Data Download Stopwatch enables you to do this. It comes with USB cable and software CD. Great value. 

Have a look at the Fastime 14 stopwatch if you want to store a series of split times in memory as segments. This means you do not have to recall and write down your memory data before starting the next event. 

The SW3 Digital Motorcycle racing wristwatch has an extra large display with stopwatch and countdown timer functions

Alternatively if you just want to take lap or split times without storing them in memory we recommend the Fastime 4 stopwatch. You can switch between split time and lap time during timing so that you can take split times within a lap as well as the lap time.

If you would like to time up to 4 competitors in an event have a look at the Multichron stopwatch.
If you want a basic stopwatch have a look at the Fastime 01 entry level stopwatch available in black, red, yellow and blue. Or the Fastime 1 Jumbo display stopwatch. Both have the same functions but the Fastime 1 is more robust and has a bigger display.

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Also Suitable as Motorcycle Racing Stopwatches

AIM MultiChron Timer for Motorcycle Racing

AIM MultiChron 100 lap

Times up to four competitors (100 laps each) simultaneously, sorts times into


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Motorcycle Racing Stopwatch Reviews

AIM MultiChron Stopwatch Reviews

Fantastic watch for motorsport, the other competitors can’t hide now we can time 4 at once, well worth the buy.
5/ 5stars

Fastime 26 Stopwatch Reviews

Very good :) It’s all you need to take very times and lap’s and it’s easy to upload that data to computer...
5/ 5stars

Fastime 26 Stopwatch Reviews

A very nice stop watch, simple to use, intuitive, plus we can download the data into our computer.

5/ 5stars