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For the serious rally co-driver there is really only one choice the RW2 Copilote rally watch. Designed by co-drivers for co-drivers. It has all the functions you need to make the timing duties of a co-driver easier to carry out and get more accurate results. You can even download worksheets written by a professional co-driver to show you how.

If you want a budget co-drivers stopwatch have a look at the Fastime 15 Digital Rally watch with its extra large dual display showing stopwatch and time of day. It has various presettable prestart options and "freeze time of day" function to give you the stage time and time of day at finish. Other functions include countdown timer and second time of day.The stopwatch does not have a memory so you will need to write down the times at the end of each stage. Choice of velcro strap, lanyard of clip fittings.

The SW6 Sports watch is ideal for Historic rallying. It has a large easy to read display with stopwatch and countdown timer.

The Fastime 11 large display digital watch is a simple, single display stopwatch with extra large minutes and seconds digits, smaller “hour” and 1/100th second digits. Splash resistant. Includes a wrist strap, lanyard and clip option. Functions include:- Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Time of day, Alarm. Particularly suitable for historic rallying where 1/100th sec. Is not critical. Also suitable for most events and circuit racing where times are not required to be stored in memory.

For the service area, you need the C5010 Large display countdown timer Easy to set, counts down to zero, then counts up, audible alarm. From 23 hrs 59 minutes 59 seconds. Large 25mm digits so you can keep an eye on how long you have left in service.

If you are spectating or checking times on the stages, we recommend the Fastime SW2 watch.

Click on the "details" button for each stopwatch to see a full specification, download instructions or watch a demo video.

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Fastime Copilote Watch GM
4 / 5
Fastime Copilote Watch BK
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Rally Watches

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Rally Watches

Fastime Copilote Watch GM Rally Watch

Fastime Copilote Rally Watch

Suitable for many sports


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 13 reviewers
Fastime SW3 Rally Watch

Digital Sports Wristwatch SW3

Stopwatch, countdown, time of day,


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 32 reviewers
Fastime 11 Rally Watch

Fastime 11

Ideal for use where 1/100th second measurement is not


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 26 reviewers
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Fastime Copilote Watch BK Rally Watch

Fastime Copilote Rallywatch

Designed by co drivers, for co


ViewRated 4.8 / 5 by 9 reviewers
Fastime Copilote Watch RD Rally Watch

Fastime Copilote Rally Watch

Suitable for many sports


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ViewRated 4 / 5 by 1 reviewer
ViewRated 5 / 5 by 1 reviewer
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ViewRated 5 / 5 by 1 reviewer
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Fastime Copilote Watch GM Stopwatch Reviews

Rally Co-driver Once you got used to the controls of the watch, it''s the most complete piece of equipment a co-driver can have at his disposal. Absolutely brilliant.

4 Nuno Ribeiro on

Fastime Copilote Watch BK Stopwatch Reviews

The best rallywatch !!!

5 Antonis Chrysostomou on