Weight Lifting Stopwatches

C5010 Timer for Weight Lifting

C5010 Timer

Count down/up timer, Count up (stopwatch), Time of day and alarm. Decimal minute option.


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Fastime 3 Stopwatch for Weight Lifting

Fastime 3 Event Stopwatch

Professional quality single event stopwatch with time out. Large display.


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Fastime 4 Stopwatch for Weight Lifting

Fastime 4 Split Time

Professional cumulative or lap split time stopwatch. Shock / water resistant.


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About our Range of Weight Lifting Stopwatches

Timing is a critical element in weightlifting training and developing the timing within various stages of the lift improves athletes' performace. 

Our Fastime 01 stopwatch is fantastic for basic stopwatch timing to understand how quickly snatches are performed. Reps, transfer drills and cardio workouts can also be monitored with the basic stopwatch function.

The Fastime 14 is a more professional memory stopwatch allowing you to store work out lap data. The Fastime 26 goes a step further and allows you download that data onto a Windows PC for analysis. 

Our Fastime 3 is also a professional level stopwatch, a single event timer with a robust case and the Fastime 4 allows for cumulative/lap splits if needed.

If you can’t find the perfect weight lifting stopwatch then please contact us on +44 (0) 7483 134 796 or email info@astopwatch.co.uk and we will advise you on the best choice of watch for your needs.


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Also Suitable as Weight Lifting Stopwatches

Fastime 14X

Fastime 14X 500 Lap Memory

Includes dual timer, pacer.


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Fastime 01 - Black

Fastime 01 - Black

Economy stopwatch in black with cumulative split time, time of day and alarm.


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