Fastime Aviation Watch Stopwatch over £50

Now you can:
Record details of each flight by sector including start time of day, flight duration, navigation sector times. Total flight distance and average speed including data for each sector and flight end time of day.

Data can be amended and stored in the flight log. You can store up to 99 flights in flight log. Data shown is total number of flights, total duration of flights and time of day. Data for each flight can then be reviewed and amended.

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Rear battery door for easy battery change.   

Other features include:

  • Prolonged back light option
  • Speed, distance time calculator – enter any two variables to calculate the third.
  • Independent 99 memory stopwatch
  • Battery door for easy battery changing
  • Water resistant to 5atm
  • Flight Log data retained even if battery is changed

And much more.

Fastime Aviation Watch Stopwatch over £50 Features




Length: 58mm, Width: 48mm Depth: 17mm, Digits: 10mm


The aviation functions were designed by a qualified pilot. This watch could be your portable flight log.


Function Option Description
Linked Timers A bank of timers linked so that when one timer ends the next timer starts
Memory 99 The number of split times stored in memory
Next Whole Minute Start Press start any time in the previous minute and stopwatch will start on the next whole minute.

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