Decimal Minute Stopwatch - Fastime 500DM

The Fastime 500DM is one of our higher end stopwatches. The built in memory allows you to store up to 500 splits at a time, which makes this stopwatch ideal for large events where you need to take a considerable number of split times.

The stopwatch will also note what time of day when the data recording began, which can be useful when using it to time sporting events, such as long distance races with several hundred participants.

The Fastime 500DM stopwatch also comes with a range of other functions that you would expect from one of our stopwatches. These functions are listed below:

Functions of the Fastime 500DM Stopwatch

Triple display showing split number, split time, cumulative split time and continuously running cumulative time. 

The split times display is shown for 5 seconds then returns to running time display.

Timing Options
- Normal 1/100th sec stopwatch
- Deciminute 1/100th minute
- 1/1000th minute
- 1/10,000th hour
- Seconds only: Continuous seconds to 1/100th second 

Data Storage
The Fastime 500DM stopwatch is able to store up to 500 splits in its memory.

These split times are stored in segments. If the timing session consists of, for example, 10 split times, these are stored in the memory as one segment. The segment data includes the time of day when the data recording began. The individual split and cumulative split times are then displayed.

Countdown Timer
The countdown timer of the Fastime 500DM comes with three operating modes:
1. Count down and stop
2. Count down and repeat
3. Countdown, then count up

Pacer Function
The final functionality built into the Fastime 500DM stopwatch is its pacer mode, which allows you to set a pacer of between 5 and 240 beats per minute. Pressing the split button increases the target count per minute.


Decimal Minute Stopwatch - Fastime 500DM Features




Length: 70mm, Width: 60mm Depth: 18mm, Digits: 5mm


500 lap segmented memory stopwatch, countdown timer, pacer, time of day.


Function Option Description
Cum Split Start - Split (split time from start)
Display Triple

Single Display:
Displays the current time

Dual Display:
Displays the cumulative time and the current lap time

Triple display Cumulative:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split time and the cumulative running time

Triple display lap:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split (lap) time and the current lap running time

Memory 500 splits The number of split times stored in memory
Pacer between 5 and 240 beats per minute

Set pacer to beep at a given frequency per minute

Pacer timer:
Links to pacer to a stopwatch to give times per frequency

Running Time

Decimal Minute Stopwatch - Fastime 500DM Reviews

The Fastime 500DM has 6 review(s) with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5

Swimming training times, and competition times. Great stopwatches at a very reasonable price. Memory of 500 laps is ideal for squad training.

Jenny (3rd November 2015)
Excellent watch for industrial processes study
C Rosales (22nd April 2015)
Excellent watch for time and motion study as there is 100 parts / minute.
John Barton (23rd January 2013)
First class product (Work Study watch) & service.
Stephen Allway (2nd January 2013)

Fastime 500 Decimal minute. Nice industrial stop watch. Delivery in 8 days

Manuel Moreira (15th November 2016)

Good product, fast delivery. All ok

Francesco De Stefani (20th November 2018)

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