500 Lap Memory Stopwatches

Stopwatch with 500 Lap Memory - Fastime 26

Fastime 26

Stopwatch with 500 lap memory, data download to PC function and rear battery hatch.


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Stopwatch with 500 Lap Memory - Fastime 14

Fastime 14 500 lap memory

Professional 500 lap stopwatch with repeating countdown/up timer, pacer, speed conversion, stroke rate.


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Decimal minute Stopwatch with 500 Lap Memory - Fastime 500DM

Fastime 500DM Decimal Minute

Decimal minute stopwach with 500 lap segmented memory, countdown timer, pacer, time of day.


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About our Range of 500 Lap Memory Stopwatches

This is our range of 500 lap memory stopwatches.

The Fastime 26 500 lap memory stopwatch enables you to download data to a computer for analysis. This stopwatch is great value for money. 

The Fastime 14 500 lap memory stopwatch has lots of extra functions including the ability to store a series of split times as segments. So if you want to store the lap times of (say) 5 10 lap races, you can do this as segments.

The Fastime 500DM 500 lap decimal minute stopwatch has the same functions as the Fastime 14 stopwatch. But in addittion you can choose to time in either 1/100ths of a second, 1/100th of a minute, 1/1000th of a minute or 1/10,000th of an hour. This is a useful work study stopwatch.

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500 Lap Memory Stopwatch Reviews

Fastime 14 Stopwatch Reviews

I wanted a stopwatch to use for athletics since I am a coach at a club and this one had all the features I wanted and that''s why I give it five stars. The most important I ''d like to highlight is that I can split every lap and view the total time running along with each new lap. I surely recommend this one.

5/ 5stars