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What distance have I covered?

If you want to know the distance you have covered as well as your steps taken, then you will need a pedometer which will do this. Pedometers that just measure the number of steps you have taken are often referred to as step counters. But you can also use pedometers which will tell you how far you have walked. You can do this by either measuring and entering your average stride distance. Or calibrate the pedometer by walking a known distance. Every time you use the pedometer after this process it will tell you how far you have walked as well as the number of steps taken.

You can also use your step counter to estimate the distance you have walked. To do this, walk a known distance for instance 1 mile and check the number of steps you have taken. So you now know how many steps you take in a mile and can calculate the distance covered based on that.

  • What is a pedometer?
    A pedometer is a small electronic device, which records the number of steps you take when walking, jogging or running.
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  • Why use pedometers?
    Using a pedometer can motivate you into doing something which will benefit your health. Did you know that more than 60% of adults do less than the recommended amount of physical activity?
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