Fastime SW3 Stopwatch Reviews

The Fastime SW3 has 37 review(s) with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5

As a retiree who swims for fitness each day, I wanted to monitor whether I was improving my time over my 1500 m distance. Being long sighted I also needed to be able to read the digits on the stopwatch without my glasses. The SW3 watch did that for me. Perfect!
Ian (13th January 2015)
I bought this watch for sailing, where the countdown alarm is critical for starts. I also wanted the velcro strap so that it was easily worn on bare skin as well as over a sailing jacket. The extra large display is exceedingly easy to read which is ideal when you are busy sheeting in etc and where the face is likely to be subject to spray. There are a couple of very minor niggles for me but these may not niggle others and are too slight to mention let alone warrant a 4 star rating. Thoroughly recommend, especially for the price!
Ben (11th January 2015)
Very pleased with the sports watch I ordered! It was delivered in the timeframe specified, and was exactly what I was expecting. My boyfriend will use it when he umpires women’s lacrosse games, and when he is coaching High School soccer games. I would definitely recommend this company for their products. Janet
Janet (6th January 2015)
The watch is used for the countdown at the beginning of sailboat races and to time the race. The watch has worked extremely well and its large face makes it very easy to read. The audible alarms are also helpful. It was easy to program and was similar to other watches in this regard. The watch arrived in Canada in excellent shape in a very timely fashion. Very good value for the money and highly recommended.
Al (2nd September 2014)
the watch has been used to monitor the time taken for the dog and sheep to complete a sheepdog trial course. The handler is given 15 minutes to complete the course, the clear face and well defined numbers enable the handler to see the time instantly and thus know how much time is left to complete the course.
jane (25th August 2014)
This watch is being used on the bars of my motorbike. Vey easy to read, decent price, exactly what I was looking for.
John Williams (23rd July 2014)
I use this stopwatch to time my swimming periods, it is easy to read as I go through my swim. I use a tether line around my waist and swim for 45 minutes a day. this helps so I do not have to stop and check on the time.
Harry A Pinkman (25th June 2014)
This is a great watch. The numbers are large and easy to see even without my glasses. The velcro strap makes it easy to adjust and also easy to install on my dirtbike handlebars. I purchased it mainly for dirtbike riding and enduro timing but I have been wearing it on my wrist as well and like it so much I may buy a second one just to wear.
Tom J (16th June 2014)
I use the watch for refereeing Rugby Union games. I bought the watch as replacement straps could be purchased - something that I found you could not do with the tradition plastic strapped watch’s I had previously purchased ! The functionality is good for refereeing with countdown and stop watch facility. The screen is large enough for players to see, so I don’t get asked what time is left.. Over all great value for money and I have already reccomended these to other referees for the NLD.
Pete (28th April 2014)
Service all good - a present for my son to monitor his occasional runs!
Patrick (6th January 2013)