Fastime DB1

Ideal for single event timing and sports games. With START/STOP(TIME OUT)/RESET functions.

Maximum count up to 23hr 59min 59sec Large 10mm digits. Shock resistant Silent (no beep) operation.

With backlight for use at night, in the darkroom or other low light situations.

The DB1 Stopwatch can be operated underwater in calm conditions. However we do not recommend it for use at any depth (it is not a diver's watch), nor would we recommend its use in heavy seas. 



Fastime DB1 Features




Length: 75mm, Width: 65mm Depth: 22mm, Digits: 10mm


Event stopwatch with time out and backlight


Function Option Description
Beep Silent Audible Alarm
Display Single

Single Display:
Displays the current time

Dual Display:
Displays the cumulative time and the current lap time

Triple display Cumulative:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split time and the cumulative running time

Triple display lap:
Displays the cumulative time and the last split (lap) time and the current lap running time

Running Time Cumulative
Time Out Yes Start - Stop (time out) - restart or reset

Fastime DB1 Reviews

The Fastime DB1 has 13 review(s) with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5

I use it to time yoga poses in a big class and it is great. Does what I want it to do, which is keep it simple, count the seconds and minutes and it resets easily. Nice clear numbers too. Perfect for my needs.
Mel (23rd July 2014)
We love the new stop watches. They are easy to use and have large faces for an easy read. We use them for timing procedures in our test lab where there is alot of water being used so the water proof feature is a must for us!
Terry U (20th February 2014)
Bought the Fast Time DB1 stop watch as a gift for my step daughter. She uses it for her work as a script supervisor and needed a stop watch which was easy to use, read and most importantly, makes no sound. The stop watch ticks all of the boxes and my step daughter is very pleased with it thus far. The stop watch is very robust and seems very well made. The company were excellent to use and I experienced excellent customer communication and service. Will definately use them again
Wayne Matthews (16th October 2013)
This stopwatch is perfect for exam use as it is completely silent and therefore is allowed to be used in official exams. It works well and the buttons press easily. I have had stopwatches in the past that have stiff buttons and therefore don’t always stop or start on first press but this watch always starts and stops when I want it to. A really good buy which I’d recommend for fellow students or sports people.
S Edwards (25th September 2013)
This is an excellent product; works faultlessly, nicely designed and made, and the buttons feel good and give confidence. The backlight is perhaps a little faint also the instructions failed to mention the type of replacement battery, but a quick and helpful email exchange soon sorted that. Perhaps unusually we wanted a simple basic Stopwatch to time periods of walking our puppy daily on various routes as she steadily grew older and more able to tackle distances without joint damage. It’s surprising how easily you forget what your wristwatch displayed when you left the car ! The traditional Stopwatch would have been preferred originally but these are generally no use for times exceeding an hour. The DB1 has proved perfect in use and we are more than pleased with it.
Robin Tims (5th February 2013)
We’re very happy with these stopwatches. We ordered 3 a few months ago and ordered another 3 recently. All are still working perfectly. We haven’t experienced any problems. We will most likely need more in the future and we will definitely buy the same stopwatches again.
Aussie Waterballs (19th May 2011)
Simple, hard-wearing and easy to use. We use these stopwatches to time ride duration at our inflatable waterball amusement ride on the Gold Coast in Australia (Aussie Waterballs, Pacific Fair). Previously, we used "water resistant" stopwatches. For around the same price, these waterproof ones from Fastime are much better and great value. All our staff are very happy using these stopwatches.
Amanda Byers (24th March 2011)
I’ve always found your company really helpful and this stop watch is great for any teachers/assessors who have to administer tests! Thank you.
Alison (21st October 2010)
This is a really useful stopwatch for people who need only the stopwatch function. It’s ideal for backstage use as it has no audible beep. Also, there is only one display, so you can’t accidentally hit buttons and get stuck in alternate menus, turning on alarms and just getting confused. The buttons are a little stiff but I am hoping they’ll get better in time, although that is also a plus for backstage work. The backlight is pretty dim, you can’t even detect it in daylight but it is enough to see the numbers in complete darkness. The one I received also had a matte black body, not clear as pictured.
Brianna (12th May 2010)
Try to find it in Holland: An affordable stopwatch with a simple light so you can read the time when running in the dark.... you just can’t! I’m happy I fount it at AST, even though it is in UK. The size is big but not too big (can be held in your hand palm while running). The buttons are monkey proof. Pushing them works straight away. The light is bright enough to read in the dark but it would have been even better if it was a little brighter. The cord is a little too short. The programs are basic but effective. The numbers have a convenient large size. If you need an easy to use basic stopwatch WITH light: Buy it!
Bjorn (22nd January 2010)
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